Drifter at Wizard World Comic Con St. Louis Recap


The cast & production team of Drifter:  Lonesome Highway (drifterseries.com) had an amazing time in St. Louis where our panel showed the first three episodes of the series at Wizard World  Comic Con followed by a Q&A panel.  We also had a blast walking around in costume meeting everyone throughout the day.   Aside from meeting people, though, we also got to meet a little android by the name of R2-D2 from Star Wars…

R2D2…and checked out the sweet ride from AMC’s “Breaking Bad” with our series award-winning composer and “Regulator”, Michael Brasier.

All in all, it was a good time!

Drifter: Lonesome Highway Trailer

Watch the official Drifter:  Lonesome Highway trailer now!


Picking up about four weeks after Drifter: Broken Road, our hero runs into trouble on the Kansas/Missouri border, where trouble and her past cross paths again, in post second civil war America.

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Comic Book Version of Drifter Is Coming!

Announcement #2 at Visioncon last night: I got to meet David Faught, the illustrator of the newly announced comic book version of the show!
Drifter:  Off the Beaten Path will be an online comic that bridges the gap between Drifter:  Broken Road & Lonesome Highway. Written by series creator, Jason Brasier, illustrated by the amazingly talented, David Faught, and Edited By: Brittney Greer & Michael Brasier.

To re-cap…watch season 1 Drifter: Broken Road at http://www.drifterseries.com/ now…and if you head to the Wizard World convention in St. Louis April 4th-6th, then you can catch the premiere there of the first 3 episodes of the upcoming Drifter: Lonesome Highway.  Not sure, but they might even have t-shirts, posters, the soundtrack, etc. available there….maybe?

Drifter: Lonesome Highway to Premiere at Wizard World Comic Con

Season two, Drifter:  Lonesome Highway, is set to premiere the first three episodes, at the Wizard World Comic Con in St. Louis, Missouri.  If you want to see it in person, get tickets EARLY because the guest lineup for the convention currently includes:  Star Trek’s William Shatner with Leonard Nimoy; Summer Glau from Firefly and the CW’s Arrow ; Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Eliza Dushku; The Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell; Nathan Fillion from Firefly and ABC’s Castle; WWF’s Chris Jericho; Might Morphin Power Rangers’ Jason David Frank;  Comic Book Artist Neal Adams;  Firefly and Suburgatory’s Alan Tudyk. http://www.wizardworld.com/stlouis.html

Watch season 1, Drifter: Broken Road and keep up with the upcoming season 2, Drifter: Lonesome Highway at http://www.drifterseries.com/

Drifter (Vanessa Leinani)

Vanessa in Bail Out – Episode 7

Here’s the next episode of Bail Out that I’m in as Detective Jade. Heading up ep. 7 are Dennis O’Neill, Terry Kiser, Burton Gilliam along with Rich Raymond, Bryan Hardy and of course Melodee Lenz and Michelle LeBoeuf in the heat of the shootout.

To watch episodes of Bail Out and learn more about the webseries, head to: http://www.bailouttv.com/

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VISIONCON 2014 – The rundown of events:

1.    I FINALLY got to meet David A. Frizell – the talented artist who did our season 1 poster for Drifter: Broken Road! So talented, and such a delightful person. To check out more of his work (it’s awesome!), go to http://www.dafrizell.com/

Drifter:  Broken Road Official Poster
Drifter: Broken Road Official Poster

2.  I went to get a pic with actor Ernie Hudson who has something like a million credits since he’s so fantastic, and as you can in this pic, one of them was playing the role of Winston Zeddmore in the iconic Ghostbusters film. Anyway, I was giving his wife my cell phone and didn’t realize Jason Brasier and Brittney Greer had given him the new DrifterSeries.com webseries shirt which he was wanting to hold up for our photo! He totally didn’t have to do that- he’s just the coolest!


Then… we went to speak on the Drifter: Lonesome Highway panel, which was scheduled right before Ernie Hudson’s panel. :)

Drifter:  Lonesome Highway Panel at Visioncon

We recounted the trials and tribulations of filming season 1, and the onset experiences and what people can expect in season 2. Since it came up in conversation, the other series I’m also in, Bail Out, even got a shoutout.

Then…the two major announcements were made.  See the upcoming 2 posts to find out the news!  :D

Genretainment Interview with Drifter: Lonesome Highway

Get the inside scoop NOW!

Listen to Marx and Julie at Genretainment interview Vanessa Leinani, Rodney Wiseman, Jason Brasier and Brittney Greer about the upcoming webseries Drifter:  Lonesome Highway by clicking here –> http://www.alienjunglebug.com/genretainment/genretainment-featuring-cast-crew-of-drifter-lonesome-highway/

Drifter (Vanessa Leinani) Moses (Rodney Wiseman)

 Drifter (Vanessa Leinani)          Moses (Rodney Wiseman)

Carson (Jason Brasier)   Carson (Jason Brasier)

Cassidy (Brittney Greer)         Cassidy (Brittney Greer)

Don’t forget about the series trailer premiere on Indie Intertube Feb. 23rd!

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Drifter: Lonesome Highway Trailer Premiere

TRAILER Premiere February 23rd, 2014!


Indie Intertube will premiere the trailer for part 2 in the award-winning Drifter Series trilogy – “DRIFTER: LONESOME HIGHWAY”. You thought Drifter had it rough in season 1? That was a walk in the park compared to season 2…


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Vanessa in Bail Out – Episode 3

I get to lay the smack down with Melodee Lenz and Michelle LeBoeuf in ep. 3 of the SAG-AFTRA webseries Bail Out. Leading off this episode is the star of the show Dennis O’Neill with the chief, Marshall Teague and Roni Hummel (who says my favorite line in this episode!) Edited by the talented Beverly Young. It’s a dramedy, and yes, it’s a family friendly show!


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